Carrier Board Layout Requirements

Because the LL-RLP-20 and LL-RXR-27 and their associated antennas have been certified by the FCC and Industry Canada (IC) as a Modular Radios, the end-user is authorized to integrate these modules into end-products, and is solely responsible for the Unintentional Emissions levels produced by the end-product.

In order to preserve the Modular Radio certifications, the integrator of the module must abide by the PCB layout recommendations in the following paragraphs. Any divergence from these recommendations will invalidate the Modular Radio certifications and require the integrator to re-certify the module and/or end product.

The following applies to both the LL-RLP-20 and the LL-RXR-27.

The module must be used with one of the approved antennas:

  • 1/2-wave center-fed dipole antennas tuned for 915 MHz with a maximum gain of 1.9 dBi or less, such as ANT-916-CW-HWR-SMA.
  • Integrated trace antenna.

Trace Antenna Design

Trace Antenna Design


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