Reflow Guidelines

This article provides reflow guidelines for surface mounting the LL-RLP-20 or LL-RXR-27 module to a carrier board using lead-free solder.

Temperature-time profile

None of the components on the LL-RLP-20 or LL-RXR-27 are particularly sensitive with regards to peak reflow temperatures. Printed circuit board manufacturers may therefore typically rely on solder paste guidelines to construct a reflow profile.

The following parameters should be used for reflow with tin-silver-copper (SAC alloy) solder:

  • Straight ramp profile with ramp rate of 0.8 to 1.5 degrees Celsius per second
  • Peak temperature between 240 and 255 degrees Celsius
  • TAL (time above liquidus) of 35 to 80 seconds

Example profile

The following temperature-time profile is used to surface mount the LL-RLP-20 or LL-RXR-27 to its Evaluation Board.

Example profile


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