Open SymphonyLink_Example.ino

If it's your first time working with Symphony Link and Arduino, we suggest you start with the SymphonyLink_Example.ino example sketch. It's the Hello World! of Symphony Link.

The SymphonyLink_Example.ino sketch is provided with the Arduino library. After you've imported the library, you'll find it in its own sub-directory in your Arduino directory.

Go ahead and open the sketch in the Arduino IDE.  It looks something like this...

Before we can use the sketch, there are a few other setup items, which we'll cover in the next few articles.  For now, make sure the programming port of your Arduino Due is connected to your PC via USB.  And of course, make sure the Symphony Link evaluation board is connected to the Arduino Due.

Make sure the Arduino IDE is talking to the correct serial port. To do so, go to Tools > Port and select the port on which the Arduino Due has enumerated.


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