Step 4: Register the gateway with Conductor

This step connects your gateway to your web-based Conductor account.

Register the gateway.

Once the gateway is connected to the Internet, click the Register Gateway button in the Symphony Registration section of the local webpage.

The Conductor Login prompt appears. Enter your credentials and click the Login button. Or, if you do not have a Conductor account, click the Create User button and follow the directions to make an account.

The Register Gateway prompt appears.

In this example, we're going to register the gateway with a new Symphony Link Network. (But if you want, you can simply register the gateway with the Open Gateway network.) Click the Create Network button.

Conductor populates a new, unique network to the list. In this example, it is Network xB36E. (We'll rename it later.) Click the Register button.

The prompt disappears and the Symphony Registration section of the local webpage updates. It shows the gateway is registered with the newly created network. (You may need to refresh your browser.)


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