Step 5: Organize your Conductor account

Add a new application to your Conductor account.

Open a browser and navigate to Log in using your account credentials.

In the Applications section of your Conductor account, click the Add Application button.

Conductor generates a new, unique Application Token and adds it to the list. In this example, the new application is called Application x2164.

Click on the name of the new application. The Application pop-up window appears.

Rename the new application by entering "eval board demo" (or whatever you would like to call it) in the NAME field of the pop-up window.

Exit by clicking outside the pop-up window. The new name of the application updates to the list of applications.

Record the Application Token of the "eval board demo" application -- we'll use it later. In this example, the Application Token is


Click on the name of the new network in the Networks section of your Conductor account.

The Network pop-up window appears.

You can rename the network by clicking on the pencil icon next to the network name.

Record the Network Token associated with the network -- we'll use it later. In this example, it is:



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