Step 2: Upgrade the network tester firmware

This article teaches you how to upgrade the firmware running on the network tester's host microcontroller.

Place the network tester in bootloader mode

  1. Connect the network tester to your computer via the micro USB port.
  2. Place the switch on the back of the network tester into the "boot" position (move the switch so that the switch handle matches the white stencil) and then power on the network tester.

The display on the network tester will turn on but will be blank. The network tester is now in bootloader mode.

Method 1: Update the network tester firmware using the python based network tester bootloader script

The latest release of network tester firmware can be downloaded here. Use the script to upload the new firmware image.

Note:  uses the xmodem and pyserial Python libraries, so please add these libraries to your Python installation first.

Run python script

From the command line, run:

python ~/path/to/network_tester/firmware

View the script's '--help' output for more details on using the network tester bootloader script. Watch the output of the script for success. You may observe some xmodem send errors during the upload, but the operation should still complete successfully.

Method 2: Update the network tester firmware using Tera Term

The bootloader on the Network Tester utilizes a standard XMODEM protocol that can be interfaced with standard tools like Tera Term

Setup Serial Port

From Tera Term's Setup menu, select Serial Port. Verify the serial port is the correct COM port (in this example, COM21), with the following settings:

Setup Serial Port

Start MCU bootloader

To start the boot loading process send the U character by typing 'U' while the Tera Term window is active.  The Network Tester will respond with something like the following:

Start MCU bootloader

Send the u character by typing 'u' while the Tera Term window is active. This will begin the bootloading process. Then immediately perform the following step.

Load MCU binary

From Tera Term, select File > Transfer > XMODEM > Send. A file tree will appear; navigate to the appropriate binary file and click Send. Tera Term will send the new firmware to the module.

Load MCU binary

Exit bootloader mode

Once the script has successfully finished or Tera Term has completed downloading the file

  1. Power off the network tester.
  2. Disconnect the network tester from your computer.
  3. Place the switch on the back of the network tester back into its original position (move the switch on the back of the network tester so that it does not match the stencil).
  4. Reboot the network tester.


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