How do I insert a SIM card into a cellular-enabled LL-BST-8?

The cellular-enabled gateway requires a GSM mini-SIM to connect to a cellular network.

Remove power.

Remove power to the gateway by unplugging the wall-plug adapter.

Remove the lid.

Remove the four screws, which secure the lid of the enclosure. Then remove the lid and set it aside.

Remove cellular modem

The cellular modem is the module installed in the center of the gateway.  To remove it, simply pull the spring tabs away from the module while putting very light, upwards pressure on the module.  The module will spring upwards once it's completely clear of the spring tabs.

Insert the SIM card.

Insert your GSM mini-SIM card into the SIM-card holder (the mini-SIM is sometimes called a "Regular" SIM) with the contacts facing the modem. The SIM-card holder is located on the bottom side of the cellular modem module.

Re-install cellular modem

Plug the cellular modem module back into it's socket at a downward angle.  Then press the module down into the spring tabs until they hold the module down.

Replace the lid.

Replace the lid and screws.

For older units without a SIM card slot on the cellular modem module.

If there is a SIM card slot on the cellular modem module, that SIM card slot must be used.  If there is no SIM card slot on the cellular modem module, the SIM card will need to be installed on the underside of the motherboard.


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