Firmware Updates with Prelude

Prelude offers an easy method to update the firmware of an evaluation board's module. Additionally, the latest release of Prelude is packaged with the latest release of module firmware, and Prelude will automatically prompt you to update the firmware of an out-of-date module when it is attached. Prelude uses the module's installed bootloader to load an encrypted binary image of the firmware update.

To load new firmware to the evaluation board's module, attach the module to Prelude and select Help > Load Firmware. The Load Firmware window will open.

Navigate to the path of the target encrypted binary and select the correct file. Then click Load Firmware.

The Load Firmware window indicates progress as the new firmware is flashed to the module.

When the firmware update is complete, the Load Firmware window indicates success. You can close the window.

Minimum firmware version

Prelude requires a minimum module firmware version to operate properly. If the attached module reports a firmware version older than the required minimum version, Prelude displays the following notification when the module is attached to Prelude.

Minimum firmware version

Click Yes, and Prelude will automatically load the latest firmware release to the module.


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