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Python wrapper of the module's host interface -

The most recent version of is now on pypi, the Python package repo: 

This library wraps the Host Interface of the LL-RLP-20 and LL-RXR-27 with Python classes. This is useful, for example, if you want to control the LL-RLP-20 or LL-RLP-27 from a Raspberry Pi.

For a deprecated version of that is compatible with LL-RLP-20 and LL-RXR-27 firmware version 1.3.2, use the following link: for firmware v1.3.2

Installing the linklabs-host-interface 1.5.0 Python library

It is easy to install the host interface library to Python using a package manager. For example, use pip to install the library from the command terminal by executing the following command:

pip install linklabs-host-interface

Usage is documented at pypi.


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