Host Interface Controller

Detailed Description

External host library which simplifies communication with an LTE Cat-M1 network using a Link Labs module.

This library runs on an external host processor which can be nearly any microcontroller or PC with a UART interface. The library is written in C and contains two categories of functions:

  1. lte_ifc_common These are portable functions, which are meant to run on any platform. These should be compiled as is with no modifications. These functions are the API which you should call from your application.
  2. lte_ifc_hal A set of function prototypes for platform-specific and low-level operations. These are prototypes only - you must implement your own version of these and link them in. Usually these are extremely simple operations, like setting an I/O line high or low, or queueing some bytes for transmission through a UART, etc.

A block diagram of how the two categories fit into an integrated system is shown below.


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