Release Notes



Tested with bootloader v1.6, Sequans v5.1.1.0-34234

New Features (from v0.2.3):

  • Fixed state of CTS line that was causing high sleep current on some hardware installations.

  • Adds PSM mode in Beta testing stage.

  • Reduced transmission overhead and latency.

  • User messages max size changed (Uplink/Downlink) FROM: 256/128 TO: 256/256

  • Added registration check at boot, which ensures registration integrity.

  • Increased registration timeout to 1 minute.

  • Fixed state machine issue that was causing loss of state sync during some LTE chip shutdowns.

Known Issues:

  • In PSM mode (Beta), sometimes the signal strength fields do not get populated.

  • In PSM mode (Beta), sometimes transmissions do not arrive reliably.

  • During a FOTA download, sometimes the Sequans chip crashes. The download fails and the module reboots to recover.

  • If the MCU is configured to periodically check for a new FOTA image, and a FOTA download fails it may not resume periodic checks. A reboot is needed to resolve this condition.


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