Theory of Operation

This is how things work

Without repeaters, the Symphony Link network is a pure star topology.  Inserting a repeater introductes a "single hop" into the topology.  That is to say, a Symphony Link module can communicate with a Symphony Link gateway through at most one Symphony Link repeater.

The concept is pretty simple.  To a gateway, a repeater looks like an end-node module.  To an end-node module, the repeater looks like a gateway.

All normal functionality of the Symphony Link system is preserved when repeaters are introduced to the network.

Maximum Number of Repeaters on a Symphony Link Network

We strongly recommend against using more than two repeaters per Symphony Link Gateway.  While the theoretical limit is much higher than two, due to the high amount on-the-air traffic, we prefer to keep systems limited to two Symphony Link Repeaters per Symphony Link Gateway. For special cases, please contact [email protected] to determine whether a larger number of repeaters is acceptable.