Link Labs DocumentationLL-RPT Repeaters User's GuideHow do I configure a repeater for a Symphony Link network?

How do I configure a repeater for a Symphony Link network?

You can automatically configure your LL-RPT repeater to operate on a particular Symphony Link network by attaching the repeater to one of the network's gateways.  This section explains how.

Step 1: Remove power from the LL-BST-8 gateway by unplugging its power adapter.

Step 2: Connect the repeater's mini-USB port to either of the gateway's USB ports using a mini-USB-to-USB patch cord.

Step 3: Supply power to the LL-BST-8 gateway by plugging-in its power adapter.

Step 4: Wait for about 1 minute while the repeater synchronizes its network configuration to the gateway.*

Step 5: Again, remove power from the LL-BST-8 gateway.

Step 6: Detach the repeater from the gateway by removing the USB patch cord.

Step 7: Again, supply power to the LL-BST-8 gateway.

Step 8: Supply power to the LL-RPT repeater by plugging it into a typical wall receptacle using the USB-to-wall-plug adapter.

*At the end of the system synchronization, the gateway resets the repeater. If you leave the repeater attached to the gateway via USB, the gateway will continuously synchronize with and then reset the repeater.